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I have seen top 10 lists on other sites and I thought it might be nice to do one of my own. I have only posted sporadically this year and I hope to post more often in 2011. Here are my top 10 posts for 2010!!

1.)  Gazebo Chandelier: I loved this project because it really added to the new gazebo and cost very little. https://mommyidea.wordpress.com/2010/07/25/gazebo-chandelier/

2.) Harry Potter Birthday: This was fun and my son loved it. What more could a mother want? https://mommyidea.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/harry-potter-birthday/

3.) Dessert Cups: What a great way to make an ordinary dessert special. https://mommyidea.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/48/

4.) Princess Party: This cake was a challenge but in the end it was just what the princess wanted.


5.) Vacation Picture Frame: This was a wonderful way to preserve our memories.


6.) Card Display: This Project was very easy and I might do it again next year.


7.) Inspiration: I still have not worked on that chair. I hope the chair makes it into my top 10 for 2011.


8.) Deck Chair Redo: Well the deck is covered with snow. I can’t wait to sit on the deck next summer and watch the kids play. https://mommyidea.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/deck-chair-redo/

9.) Summer Gift Bag: How simple and inexpensive. I have to keep my eye out at the local Target next summer. I need to pick up more. https://mommyidea.wordpress.com/2010/08/22/summer-gift-bag/

10.) Kid’s Craft Center Organized: unfortunately it doesn’t look that great right now. It’s something I struggle with all the time. I am toying with having a weekly organization post in 2011.


Onward to 2011. I hope to get organized, clear out clutter and find some balance.

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Every year is seems that I am behind the eight ball. I pledge to myself that this year I will enter the holiday season with a plan. I need to make a list!!!  Here’s a start.

Cards – I need to clean up the list. One tip I have is to ask at the grocery store if they have Christmas stamps when I’m shopping. It saves me a trip to the post office. Winkflash has a sale on photo cards 60% off until 11/8. http://www.winkflash.com/

Gifts – I’d like to get as much shopping finished as early as possible. That way I can  enjoy the season with my family.

Baking – I love to make cookies!! I buy pretty Christmas plates for them. I check for sales and try to get them for about a dollar each. Wrapped up with pretty bows they make great gifts.

Decorating – I need to evaluate what I actually use and get rid of what I don’t. In our house we don’t put anything out until after Thanksgiving. My husband hates “holiday jumping”.

Activities – Every year I like to plan some family time to do something fun. One of my favorite low-cost activities is to make some hot chocolate, put it in travel mugs and drive around looking at the lights.

What are you doing to get ready for the holidays??

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If you have boys this would be the coolest thing to make. My friend Rosie at 3rosebuds made them for her son’s birthday. Read about them at her blog.


My son went crazy when he saw them and wanted me to make them.

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Fun Brownies

I bought a Slice Solutions Brownie pan at the local craft store. I was able to use a 40% off coupon. I made the brownies according to the box directions. I have made cakes from scratch but never brownies. I followed  pan directions and when they were ready to go into the oven I added chocolate chips to a third of the brownies, sprinkles to a third and crushed Oreos to the last third.


I cooked them according to the directions. I let them cool and then arranged them. The kids loved them and enjoyed finding out which topping was their favorite. The possibilities are endless.

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