Christmas Ornaments

I’m working on homemade gifts for the family. I bought a few boxes of glass ornaments. I decided to personalize an ornament for each family member. I removed the gold hanger and stuffed each ornament with basket filler.

I put the top back on. I then cut vinyl designs with my Silhouette SD. I also cut out letters to personalize each ornament.

I think they look cute!! The great thing is the you can creat so many designs or you can coordinated many ornaments for a matching tree.

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Christmas Cards


Every year I look forward to the arrival of Christmas cards. Well, I do start to feel a little pressure once the first one comes. Can I get the perfect picture? Will I get them out in time? I love to send picture cards for Christmas and love to receive them. I hang them on a door in my kitchen as soon as they start arriving. At the end of January I take all the family pictures down and save them for my Christmas scrapbook. I have two pages every year of pictures from the cards. I can flip through the pages and look at growing families. There is something wonderful about the ease of ordering cards on the internet. I tell myself that I’m going to get them out early and then I am up at midnight one night working on then so that they will arrive on time. This year I’m setting a goal of getting the cards out by the first week in December. (We’ll see if that happens.)  http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards Shutterfly makes this fantastic card. We had a wonderful year and I’d love to use lots of pictures of the kids. What a bonus I don’t have to find the perfect picture!!

Every year I send wall calendars to our grandparents. Last year I bought the Shutterfly calendar because of their great designs. http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars/wall-calendars  They remind me of scrapbooks. I think I’m choosing the flower market design this year. It look so pretty.

Another thing I like to use Shutterfly for is their photo greeting cards. http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/folded-greeting-cards I can take a picture of the kids playing with a new toy or having fun at a party and then send the card directly to the recipient or host.

Do you send picture cards? Do you try to get the perfect picture?

Are you a blogger? Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à  http://bit.ly/sfly2010  Make sure to indicate that sent you.

Fall Branches

I made this decoration using things I found around the house. This vase has been sitting underneath my sink for years.  The branches were taken from my parents back yard and painted black. My son collected the rocks from a beach trip last year. The whole thing cost nothing and I think it makes a nice fall look.

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Holiday Planning

Every year is seems that I am behind the eight ball. I pledge to myself that this year I will enter the holiday season with a plan. I need to make a list!!!  Here’s a start.

Cards – I need to clean up the list. One tip I have is to ask at the grocery store if they have Christmas stamps when I’m shopping. It saves me a trip to the post office. Winkflash has a sale on photo cards 60% off until 11/8. http://www.winkflash.com/

Gifts – I’d like to get as much shopping finished as early as possible. That way I can  enjoy the season with my family.

Baking – I love to make cookies!! I buy pretty Christmas plates for them. I check for sales and try to get them for about a dollar each. Wrapped up with pretty bows they make great gifts.

Decorating – I need to evaluate what I actually use and get rid of what I don’t. In our house we don’t put anything out until after Thanksgiving. My husband hates “holiday jumping”.

Activities – Every year I like to plan some family time to do something fun. One of my favorite low-cost activities is to make some hot chocolate, put it in travel mugs and drive around looking at the lights.

What are you doing to get ready for the holidays??

Longwood Gardens


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I’m slowly decoration for fall and this blog gave me an idea.

The post was called an idea worth stealing. So I thought I would.

I have a milk glass vase that I bought for .75 at a thrift store and I thought it would be perfect to put a flower ball in. I bought the flowers for 3.50 and the ball was 2.99. I cut the ball in half and stuck the flowers in it. I still have a few flowers and half the ball left over for another one.

I then had to shape the bottom a little so that it fit in the vase. I think it looks cute in the bathroom.

I’m slowly getting my fall decorating finished. This week I start on Halloween!!

Do you have any quick Halloween ideas?
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I was at Target the other day and some things from their dollar section caught my eye.

They were 2.50 each. Add a serving dish that I had on hand and you have a quick fall centerpiece.

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Summer Gift Bag


I was in a hurry to wrap a gift for my niece. We just came home from vacation and had leave for the party in an hour. (I was going to wrap the gift before vacation but I didn’t make it that far down on the to-do list.) I remembered that I bought a straw bag for her a few weeks before with the intention making cute flip-flops to go in it. The flop flops never worked out to my satisfaction so with a few weeks left of the summer I realized that I might as well give her the bag. I bought it at target for $2.50. It might have even been half-off. I quickly attached a flower with my hot glue gun. The gift fit perfectly and it made a pretty presentation.

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